Monday, April 30, 2012

It's time to get back into writing...

Well, it's been a year since I was writing.  I have missed it so.

This blog will be dedicated to sharing my thoughts, feelings and life with all of you.

As this is the first post, I thought that I would share about me.

I am a Canadian, living in Metro Calgary, Alberta.  I do love my city and what it brings to life: vibrant art scene, Stampede, wonderfully diverse tastes and restaurants, and diverse populations.
I love to cook and try new recipes- I have quite the collection of never been tried recipes that I am working through. (Hmm... there's an idea for a blog in itself!)
I love to write- although, I may not be the most wordy person, I  love to tell stories and share experiences.
I am an avid reader who is looking for a book club in Calgary... anyone know of a club looking for members?
I love music of all types and tempos- it comes from my parents, Dad was a classic country guy and Mom was into classical and soulful music.

I am lucky to be engaged to a wonderful man, J. We have been together for 8 years, and he is the number one reason I am in Calgary.  Together, we have a family of three cats: Buddy, Marmalade, and Bella.  These kids of ours keep us busy when we are not working or travelling together.

I am currently working in Canada's largest homeless shelter, as the Medical Services Assistant.  I am trained to keep a clinic going, from billing to processing referrals.  I was trained to be a nurse in 1997 and a counsellor in 1999, and I have to admit that this job involves both sets of skills!

Well, I guess that  is me in a nutshell for now.

I look forward to sharing my experiences, opinons, stories and pictures with you all.