Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chill, Dude... the art of being laidback

Being Laidback Can Be a Good Thing for Some...


Definition: Relaxed and easygoing

Synonyms: Free and easy, casual, nonchalant, unexcitable, imperturbable, unruffled, cool, even-tempered, non-confrontational, low maintenance, calm, unperturbed, unflustered

Boy, oh boy is this topic ever one that I learned how to become, and did so in a hurry!

I once was the complete opposite: excitable, lead by emotions, and could unravel at a moment’s notice.  I had to become the easygoing person that I am, because not being so cost me friends, promotions, love, trust and much more.

A good example of this would be about 7-8 years ago.  I was working at a remote location of a homeless shelter.  It was close to the time that we woke everyone up and got really busy taking care of their needs.  I had been scrubbing and cleaning all night, with disposable gloves on.  I had looked down and found that my engagement ring was not on my hand.  I went into panic mode- as my co-worker and I had taken the trash out and I had no clue where my ring was.  I began to cry, begged my supervisor to let me go home and see if it was there and just started to think all the negative things that could have happened to my ring.  He was patient with me, set me up in a quiet room to gather myself and allowed me to call home to ensure that I had actually had not worn it that day.  After a series of phone calls back and forth from home, I learned that it was  indeed safe and sound at home.  This experience caused me a promotion and it went into my yearly review as I was not able to be in control of myself.  After working with a life coach, I learned that I was to just breathe, carry on and let my day continue- then at home, panic and react in a private location, out of the sight of many eyes.

I never realized how much I learned from this until I started a new job.  Little things didn’t bother me as much as some of my colleagues and peers. A good example was when  we had a patient fall in the hall.  I didn’t go running out there and make a scene- I was able to walk in a fast manner, use my visual and hearing senses to see that patient was indeed ok, offer my assistance and back away when asked to do so.  When the patient was able to, he came to me and thanked me for showing my care and concern, sharing that it was nice to be cared for. 

Being laidback in a health care setting is beneficial to the health care provider and to the patient.  When we are relaxed in our work with our patients, we are able to connect and gain trust.  It opens the floor for discussions that can lead to health promotion or a health counselling session.  How we are affects how the patient feels; if we are relaxed, our patient who may be stressed, worried, concerned, scared, overwhelmed will feel less so, or may be even able to relax.  We can be confident and relaxed at the same time: which gains a professional relationship with those we are to care for.   

Being laidback as a private citizen can assist in our relaxation and enjoyment of life, in a “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, kind of way.  Ever find that if we are unflustered about a decision we are to make, that the solution comes clearly and swiftly?  Being peaceful brings peace to a household full of chaos.  We can still be busy and productive.  However, if we are calm about how we tackle and do things, this can lead to more enjoyment in what we do. 

There are times to worry, to be concerned and excitable.  Don’t let these times take over the rest of your life.  Breathe.  Let it be.  Break it down and tackle small portions and the larger problem will disappear.  Talk it out.  Reflect.  Rest on it. Pray.  Slow down.  Don’t be a perfectionist.  Refocus on the positive things in your life, not what has to get done or the negative thoughts that pop up. Be flexible.  Get creative. Let it go.



Let Go and Let God.

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