Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kind-heartedness~ bring love into the world

Kind-heartedness- Something to help the world go round in a more loving way

Definition: having or showing sympathy or kindness

Synonyms: kind

Kind-heartedness is a feeling you feel when you are helpful and sensitive to others.

Kind-heartedness comes naturally to some individuals, while it is a learned trait for others.  I believe that this was innate for me.  I cannot ever remember a time that I wasn’t kind-hearted.

This is who I am and how I express that.  I believe that to be effective in the world as a world changer, you must be sympathetic to the others to whom you share your world with.

Do you see the same person during your commute, who smiles at you?  Is there a co-worker that will check in with you, just to see how you are?  Are you lucky enough to find an upbeat email that changes your day around?  You must know someone who is kind-hearted!

This is not always easy to be.  There are times in life where you must put aside this, and be the opposite in order to be effective.  I once had a job where I was able to let my kind-heartedness flow; I was able to express myself fully with my patients and clients.  This is also the same job where I had to enforce rules and regulations.  At first, it was a hard thing to do, pull away my kind-heartedness and play the rule enforcer, knowing that someone may not be able to have shelter for the night, or be as comfortable as they could be, if they had made different choices.  It was my sympathy that was able to ensure that they had food in their tummies and at least a warm blanket to take with them.  It was this kind-heartedness that was able to welcome them back and shower them with love.  Being helpful and sensitive to others brings a reward of kindness, which is a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Someone wise once said, “ Co-operation comes from friendship, friendship comes from trust, and trust comes from kind-heartedness. “ (Dalai Lama)    Kind-heartedness is the one of the basis of friendship, of love, of a happy relationship.  Having a real genuine sense of concern for others, and acting on it only makes the world go around more brightly.  Imagine if we all started to be genuinely concerned for our fellow man?  Would there be room for bullying, cheating, exploitation?

How can one be kind-hearted?  Look for ways to make a difference in someone’s day:  A nice smile, a cute card or even a shoulder to cry on.  Just to love on someone in an intangible way is the best way. Love without having to be right about anything. Be more considerate- hold open the door, be polite to those who walk by.  Listen, and meet the needs of your loved ones.  Treat others as you would want to be treated.  Help them in a tangible way.  Care for them in a way only you can. 

“A gentle word, a kind look, a good natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles.”  ~  Zahid Abas

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