Sunday, June 24, 2012

How BBQ Ribs Helped to Heal A Hurting Relationship

My father has arrived for his yearly visit with us.  He comes out in late June until mid-July for a visit and the Calgary Stampede. I was not looking forward to this visit this year.  It's been a rough year for my parents and the ending of their 40yr+ relationship.  I am going through some decisions and changes, and I don't have anything in my tank to help keep my Dad's spirits up.
Turns out, that I didn't have to worry about that.  It seems that my Dad wants to keep me out of that part of his life (phew!) and just enjoy being with J and I.  He loves the city that I live in, and is looking forward to visiting his family at an upcoming reunion in Saskatchewan.

By now, you must be wondering where does the ribs come into all of this? I'm getting there.

I am one of those trucker daughter/wife's that get excited when the trucker comes home from being on the road.  J was expected to be coming off the road for some well earned time off and I wanted to make a special dinner that we can all enjoy.  I wasn't expecting him until late, (and with my Dad still on EDT) I still had to feed my Dad: I decided to make ribs for the first time.

It gave us something to talk about: how are you going to cook them? what rub? which sauce? which methods?

Being able to spend time together by eating those yummy ribs, we were able to just chat about things: my furbabies (his grandcats), the local news,  where J was and when he would be home, and his daily activities back home.  It was this casual conversation that some healing began on my end.  I was able to melt by hardened heart (my Dad has caused my Mom a lot of pain lately and vice versa) and just enjoy cooking and eating with my Dad.

I think he is getting restless... I believe he may be heading for the mountains for some rest and relaxation.  It's where I go when I am looking for answers.. and I believe that he is where he is at.

This is going to be a good visit afterall.  I am just expected to be a daughter, not a counsellor, not a listening board, not a supporter.  Phew. 

BBQ Ribs- St. Louis Style
1 package of pork side ribs
1 btl of Montreal Steak Spice
1 btl of favorite Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce

Rub on the Montreal Steak Spice on both sides of the ribs. Then for one and a half hours, roast the ribs in a roasting pan with 1/4 in of water in the base.  Brush with your favorite BBQ Sauce (Bull's Eye Hickery is my favorite) and grill on the med heat BBQ. 
Serve with rice, salad, corn on the cob, sweet tea.  Enjoy!

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