Saturday, June 2, 2012

The triangle of good health

Health- Definition: the state of being free from illness or injury; a person's mental or physical condition.
             Synonms: soundness, well-being.

Taking care of ourselves in a caring profession is very vital. This includes physical and mental.... and the spiritual.  A lot of people that I have met in the past little while forget that the spiritual side of us can get sick and out of balance.

To take care of one's physical health we do physical things: physical activity, proper nutrition and supplements, proper sleep.  It's our body.

To take care of one's mental health we do mental things: relaxation techniques, mind cues, learning/education, self talk. It's our mind.

To take care of one's spiritual health we do spiritual things: attend services, read spiritual readings, pray, meditate. It's our soul.

We are not just a body and a mind... we are a spiritual being as well.  Being spiritual does not mean that you are religious... it means that you are aware of the spiritual side of all living things- the human spirit.

When we are off in one of our three healths, it affects the other two.  For example, when in a depression, the mental health is "off"... leading to physical symptoms and lack of care in our spiritual life.  In our spiritual life, we may have a 'dry season' which can lead to our emotional needs not being met (our mental health) and having physical pain.

I reflect on this in an equilateral triangle that all are connected and interconnected. It can not be equal if one side is greater than the other two. All our healths are connected and interconnected to make us whole.

Today, let's take time to care for each one of our healths.  I know that I will be.  I will be resting and eating good food with good people (J is home from work for the weekend!!), relaxing in a nice hot bath tub once I get home from the night shift while listening to my favorite music that feeds my soul.

Take are of you.... I've only got one of ya!

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  1. Great post and very true :-)