Saturday, June 30, 2012

BOOK REVIEW: Between Boyfriends by Sarka-Jonae Miller

CHICK LIT, Printed in 201, Smashwords Edition.

This is a story of a young woman, Jan, who grows and matures as the story goes on.

When the reader is first introduced to Jan, our main character is being broken up by her boyfriend of 8 months named Mike.  Jan is spoiled, rich, snobby and shallow.  She appears to have more money than brains.
We learn that Jan has dropped out of college before even taking a single class, and the only ones that know are her now ex boyfriend, her girlfriends and her father.  She is taking classes at a massage school to become a massage therapist on the advice of the now ex-boyfriend. 
Due to the break up, she swears off dating all boys.   This includes Juan, a classmate that she bonds with after being really nasty to him.  She takes up new hobbies on the advice of her neighbor/ best friend.
We see her really grow when after a dinner party at her mother’s house.  It was during this party that her mother learns that Jan has quit school and is now becoming a massage therapist.  This results in Jan being cut off financially and being disowned by her mother.  Jan now has to get school paid for, get a job, and support herself completely.  Gone are the days of MAC cosmetics, Starbucks Chai Teas and fancy hair salons.
Through a comedy of errors of jobs that she does get, we see her becoming less shallow, more of her own person.
It is through her relationships with her girlfriends and two new friends that she connects with, Jan blossoms into a woman, instead of a girl.

This is an excellent read!  I enjoyed it from the first page and was sad to see the last one.  It has a rich story line, characters that you can relate to and a story that any woman can relate to.  I was able to read 

 this book in just over 12 hours… because I enjoyed it so much.  This would be a welcomed book to have with you in the summer as you travel, read at the beach or enjoy on the deck with a good glass of wine or favorite cocktail.

Highly recommended by this reviewer. 

Can be found  at,, goodreads.com

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