Sunday, July 1, 2012


My Not So Ordinary Life  By Christine Rice
Autobiography, 2012.

This is the author’s life story from age 2 to 28, growing up and coming of age.   She describes her childhood, troubled teen years and her adulthood.  She describes her ups and her downs, her regrets and her accomplishments.  I love that she shared parts of her story that other authors would not: her mental health, her relationships and her other dark secrets.
I would have loved to have read more detail in her story.  As another review said (after I had already read the book) that it feels that she is only giving a summary of what her true story is.  I agree on this.  I would have loved to learn what she felt, dreamt, tasted, and experienced in the mental hospital for example.  I would have liked to get the detail on why she fell in love with her husband and chose him to settle down with for life.
This is a real quick read, as it is under 40 pages.  I would recommend this book to someone who wants to be introduced into autobiographies/biographies.  It seems that this would be a book to take to the coffee shop to read while you indulge in a few moments of peace and quiet, due to the length and the style of the writing.
This is a good, quick read.  Pick it up and pass it around!
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