Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Book Review: French Romance Cooking Class by Beth Mathison

Short Story Review:
French Romance Cooking Class:
A Young at Heart Story
By Beth Mathison
Untreed Reads

This short story is a quick read that is well written.  You feel like you are a part of the cooking class as an observer.
There are three couples in the story, a newlywed couple,  a couple in their twilight years and our main characters, Frannie and David, who are in the middle.  The story takes place at a French Cooking Class, where the Chef teaches how to cook a three course meal while teaching about love.  I love who the author threads insight from the newlyweds and from the older couple, teaching Frannie and David about love throughout the class. 
Throughout the class, our main couple struggles through the class: no wanting to touch or eat oysters, getting behind in the soup and duck courses and floundering through the potatoes; however, they do it together and with each other’s help.  This is a couple that does everything together and loves it all.
This is a cute and quick read, at 14 pages.  It can be read quickly in a commuter ride and leave you feeling good.  I would recommend this story to anyone who enjoys chick lit, as it is a romance without all the details of a sex life.  It would be safe for preteens to read as well.
Well written, well enjoyed!  I can only wish that this was longer as I enjoyed it so much!
5 stars!

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