Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Book Review: Girl in the Glass by Zoe Brooks

Book Review: Girl in the Glass By Zoe Brooks
Published by White Fox Book
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This intellectual work of fiction is about Anya and her Shadow, Eve.  It is a tale of survival against all odds in an unforgiving, unloving desert.
The reader first meets Anya, already orphaned by her parents, living with her paternal Aunt and Uncle.  We learn that Anya is an unwelcomed part of the household, often taking blame and punishment for acts that she has not done.  It is one of these acts that boost her goal of getting out of the household, which she does, thanks to her Shadow.  Eve and Anya travel alongside of the main road, however, not on the road, in fear of being detected.  With help of “Frank”, the girls make it to the big Northern City, and change their names to make survival easier.  Life there is not easy, and taking jobs that each of them don’t like leads them to the “King” who woes Rosa (Anya) and makes her his.  Through this destructive relationship, Rosa’s strength and determination are beaten down until she escapes again.  It is not until our heroine meets Alma and through knowledge and learning, Rosa grows and gains herself back.

I am glad to learn that this is only book one of a saga, as when I was done reading it, I wanted more! This is a coming of age story that is so much more.   I fell in love with Anya and was cheering for her happiness throughout the book.  I was happy when she fell in love with a boy at her work; I was saddened by her abusive relationships, shocked at her treatment by her own family.   I loved that this story was based in the desert, something that I knew very little about and learned more about as I read the story.  I love to read fiction and learn at the same time.  This book was well thought out, well researched as evidenced by the knowledge that is shared with the reader in regards to the healing plants of the desert and customs related to the people who live there. 

This is a great book for someone who is looking to escape reality, and be taken away.  I feel that people who are looking for a strong heroine should read this book, as throughout the story, whatever our heroine is doing or is being done to her, she is enduring it.  It is a book about a relationship that is never taken for granted with Anya and Eve- how two people can connect and prosper together. 

Recommended for a good weekend read.
4 stars!

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