Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Book Review: Guarding the Healer by Gabriel Beyers

Guarding The Healer
Gabriel Beyers
Smashwords Edition
May 2011

This is a novel that is along the line of paranormal/ spiritual world literature.  It follows the spiritual world battles and the physical world battles of Silas, a young man who knows about suffering in the physical world and how he grows into his spiritual gift. 

The author takes the reader from Silas’ baptism into the church, to his first spiritual world fight and learning what his gift is and how he uses it.  The reader sees Silas grow into his gift and his gift’s limitations in the physical world, while being introduced to the angels that are involved in this.  Angels, Demons and their counterparts are all involved in the characters lives, and this is well written into the story.  Silas is joined in the story by his  gentle Aunt, his horrible Uncle, his friendly cousins, his loving wife Hannah, their friend Hope, a stranger turned into friend Tommy and few more colorful characters. 

This is a well written piece of fiction.  I loved how the author would describe a scene in the physical world and then in the next chapter he would describe the same scene but in the supernatural world.  The reader learns to love and cheer for Silas, the main character, in the first few chapters.  I enjoyed how the story played out for a few years in Silas’ life, not just a snapshot of him here and there.  I found this book easy to read, hard to put down and engaging. 

This is a book that causes one to think, to reflect and to carry on after reading as a new person. It would be a great read for someone who already has a basis in the supernatural world and knows what takes place in the spiritual world.  I would recommend this book to anyone who has read Frank Pretti.  This would be a good weekend read- read by the lake and just devour it .

 My final impression: A wonderfully written, well laid out story with great description and detail.  Would make a wonderful movie!

5 stars!

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