Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Book Review: Missing by Suzanne D. Williams

Book Review: Missing
by Suzanne D Williams
Christian Fiction

Missing is a story of three wars and two families that were affected by the wars.  This story tells the tales of the Sanders and Davis families during the Civil, WW2 and Viet Nam.

It starts out with heartache just after the Viet Nam war.  Adele goes to the City to hear a solider speak on the War and meets Stephen there.  Through finding love, salvation and the truth of her husband, Adele heals from the War.  We, the reader, are reminded of Psalm 23, about goodness and mercy.

The reader is then sent back to the 1800’s and to the Civil War to meet Old Man, Hungry, Elizabeth and a few more characters.  We are shown examples of misery that wars bring, and how family loves each other regardless.   Continuing on the Psalm 31 theme, this storyline shares the woes and troubles of walking through the valley of the shadow of death.

Our novel ends with the WW2 and the story of Molly, Red, and Doug.  These three characters get caught up on in a long distance love triangle as Doug is in France, working as a paratrooper- while Molly and Red are back home.   We are shown forgiveness, the true meaning of love and unfailing acceptance.

A theme that runs through all three stories in this book is prayer, and it’s healing powers.  In the Viet Nam story, we learn that prayer helps heal broken hearts and helps us find our way.  In the Civil War, prayer helps hold a family together.  In the WW2 story, prayer cleans the soul and strengthens relationships.  It is not the act of prayer that accomplishes this, it is God that hears and acts on the prayers, as he seems fit.

I enjoyed this book- it felt like three mini books in one.  The characters are ones that the reader can relate to and can see their struggles.  My favorite story was the love story in the Viet Nam War storyline.  I was able to connect with Adele on a personal level and was pulling for her throughout her story.

This is a good read! **** stars!  It would be a perfect book for someone that doesn’t have the time or attention span to sit and read a full book all at once, due to the three stories in one volume.  A reader can read a story, set down the book and pick it up to start the next story without missing a beat!  If the reader enjoys authors such as Janette Oake, you will enjoy this book by Suzanne Williams.

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